SIVANNA COLORS Make Up Pencil – LP02

Matte lipstick In the form of a small pencil, can be used to line the lips and apply as a whole lip, beautiful color, long-lasting, easy to carry, the bar can be sharpened.

AVAILABILITY: Out of stock


SIVANNA COLORS Express Eyeliner Pen – HF896

Airbrush Eye Liner Thin tip brush head for Sharp Easy controls Contrast intensity without repeated long-lasting, waterproof, but easy to wash off



SIVANNA COLORS Forever Love Lipstick – HF5029

Lightweight matte lipstick that protects the lips. To look naturally plump. There are 6 colors. The luxurious bar comes with a built-in mirror, convenient to carry.



SIVANNA COLORS Slik Matte Lip – HF360

The popular lipstick is a modern, stylish, crisp texture. Long lasting, available in 12 colors


SIVANNA COLORS Eyebrow Pencil – ES004

A brow pencil with eyebrow brush The color texture is long lasting all day. Shop 3 Colors



SIVANNA COLORS Lipstick Kiss Me – HF688

The lipstick is smooth and smooth, with a long-lasting texture that naturally covers the mouth with a smooth, creamy finish.


GINA GLAM Double Wear Foundation – G45

Texture Foundation for easy blend Cover the wrinkles and dark spots as well, giving your face a smooth, natural look.


SIVANNA COLORS Sweet Peach Blush – HF8120

The heart-shaped blush has 3 shades in a single cartridge. Finely shine, sparkle, help your cheeks look brilliant. Long lasting all day.


Eyeliner, make your eyes look bigger, have dimensions, the brush head can write small lines, black ink, quick-drying, easy to wash off with cleansing, not making the black eye area fanta.
– Waterproof, sweat proof
– Long lasting, does not fall off during the day


Powder blush, clear color, beautiful, smooth color, used to decorate cheeks to look beautiful, dimensional, and look healthy.
Long-lasting, color doesn’t drop during the day. Beautiful package, portable, can be used for a long time.


GINA GLAM Coloring Eyebrow – G38

The eyebrow brush makes the eyebrows look beautiful. 3 Types of colours to choose from


GINA GLAM Double Wear Foundation – G45

Texture Foundation for easy blend Cover the wrinkles and dark spots as well, giving your face a smooth, natural look.


GINA GLAM Long Wear Matte Stay – G40

The foundation is smooth and protects the skin from sun rays. SPF 15 Waterproof, sweat-proof It’s pretty easy to control your face all day long.


Eyeshadow palette 15 colors, powder texture, both matte colors and shimmer For decorating the eyes to look beautiful, dimensional work Add color to the face and eyes to look outstanding. The pigment is clear, long-lasting, the big cartridge is worth it.


GINA GLAM Princess Primer – G18

A primer that comes with protecting your face from oily Concealed and blurred traces of pores and dark spots Prepare your skin before you foundation to be smoother than ever.


Eyeliner, eyeliner, adds volume to the eyes. Small brush head, size 0.014 mm., easy to write, completely black ink, can be written over eye shadow, clear color, long lasting, quick dry, waterproof, sweat proof.