SIVANNA COLORS Express Eyeliner Pen – HF896

Airbrush Eye Liner Thin tip brush head for Sharp Easy controls Contrast intensity without repeated long-lasting, waterproof, but easy to wash off



SIVANNA COLORS Eyebrow Pencil – ES004

A brow pencil with eyebrow brush The color texture is long lasting all day. Shop 3 Colors



GINA GLAM Double Wear Foundation – G45

Texture Foundation for easy blend Cover the wrinkles and dark spots as well, giving your face a smooth, natural look.


SIVANNA COLORS Sweet Peach Blush – HF8120

The heart-shaped blush has 3 shades in a single cartridge. Finely shine, sparkle, help your cheeks look brilliant. Long lasting all day.


SIVANNA COLORS Slik Matte Lip – HF360

The popular lipstick is a modern, stylish, crisp texture. Long lasting, available in 12 colors


SIVANNA COLORS Lipstick Kiss Me – HF688

The lipstick is smooth and smooth, with a long-lasting texture that naturally covers the mouth with a smooth, creamy finish.


SIVANNA COLORS Multi Effect Eyebrow Pencil – HF5042

Auto eyebrow pencil, rotating head, convenient to use. Soft and smooth texture, easy to write. Decorate eyebrows to be beautiful and sharp and adjust the shape of the eyebrows with eyebrow mascara that comes together in the bar to be neat and beautiful naturally


SIVANNA COLORS Marble Series Eyelash Curler – HF101

Elegant Eyelash Curler, must have item from Sivanna, designed in luxurious and beautiful marble pattern. Manufactured from durable materials, easy to use, easy to handle, comes with 1 refillable rubber.



Mascara for brushing eyebrows To line up pretty Small brush head, easy to brush Does not make a lump, does not mess, brushes naturally, dries quickly, waterproof, sweat


SIVANNA COLLAGEN 100,000 milligrams from Japan.
This collagen contains Tomato Extract, Acerola Cherry Extract, berry family Extract, Coenzyme Q10, L-Glutathione, Pine Bark Extract and Citrus Sinensis Extract, Grape Extract, Fish Collagen Dipeptide. High vitamin C has sunscreen properties.



Auto-rotating eyebrow pencil, soft texture, easy to write, not easily broken, teardrop-shaped head, comfortable grip. There is a brush to brush eyebrows to arrange beautiful in the same bar.


Highlight Shimmer Add makeup look to look dimensional, luscious, look healthy. Make your face stand out in specific areas you want.
Transparent acrylic cartridge, durable, elegant, looks expensive, very attractive to use, compact size, easy to carry.


Dip lipstick, velvet texture, beautiful tone, tight pigment, long lasting, soft texture, smooth, not thick, used to decorate the lips to look beautiful, colorful, healthy, easy to spread, no grooves, cute bow package, portable size.


Auto-rotating eyebrow pencil, soft texture, easy to write, small head, small lines, straight cut Ergonomic handle There is a brush to brush eyebrows to arrange beautiful in the same bar.


Mascara for eyebrows to arrange beautiful lines Ready to change the eyebrow color to look naturally beautiful. And match the hair color, small brush head, easy to brush, not clumpy, dry quickly, waterproof, convenient to carry. Cute pastel green package, minimal style.


Eye shadow palette 9 shades in 1 cartridge, powder texture, both matte and mixed colors with small fine shimmer. Add outstanding to the eyes, long-lasting, waterproof, sweat-proof as well. Cute pastel green acrylic case. Portable size