Company Profile

Hong Fa international Co.,Ltd was established in Thailand in 1994. We cooperated with SIVANNA, the cosmetic company from France, who wants to improve the market in Asia in the name of Hong Fa. We have made and improved our cosmetics products from SIVANNA’s customer base. “A good quality must come with a proper price“ is our policy in running this business. We are very popular in the wholesale market in Thailand. Hong Fa has presented various kinds of cosmetic products to cosmetic market and was the first company that imported the cosmetic products that were guaranteed by Food and Drug Administration (อย.). Hong Fa registered its trademark in the name of MOLLY MINX, LOLA, DORA, KAKA, and VOVII brand, and started presenting its products since 2001 Hong Fa has promoted and advertised its products through popular magazines in Thailand, which is different from other brands’ way of advertising. We, however, take the budget of advertising part to improve the product quality. Our products therefore are not very expensive at all, yet still have a good quality. All cosmetic-ingredients of Hong Fa are imported from Europe, United States, Japan, Taiwan, and other countries that have a quality and are legally guaranteed. We always improve and do research of our products to be on-trend and to meet customers’ needs. In addition, our products are made from natural ingredients which have none bad effects on health at all. We also expend our market to other countries such as Taiwan, New Zealand, China, Iraq, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Singapore, and Australia to spread out our products in every corner around the world, wildly serve customers, and increase the market share in ASEAN. In future, we will continue to improve our products quality to be better in order to be the leader of the cosmetic market. Hong Fa is ready to improve its products quality to cater its service for customers and the growth of the company in the future.

Our Brands