SIVANNA COLLAGEN 100,000 milligrams from Japan.
This collagen contains Tomato Extract, Acerola Cherry Extract, berry family Extract, Coenzyme Q10, L-Glutathione, Pine Bark Extract and Citrus Sinensis Extract, Grape Extract, Fish Collagen Dipeptide.
High vitamin C has sunscreen properties.

One Drink, end every problem. Just Drink 1 sachet per day.
Revitalize, brighten, smooth, firm, reduce acne, wrinkles, reduce dark spots on the face.

How to drink : Unpack sachet, collagen powder. Mix with normal temperature water or cold water. Use a spoon to dissolve
(1 sachet per 150 milliliters of water).Warning : Children and pregnant women Should not eat

Warning : Children and pregnant women Should not eat
– No effect on prevention or treatment of diseases
– Information for food allergies: contains fish and fish products